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The True Grit Ticket

August 29th, 2008 · 2 Comments

True Grit True Grit is one of my very favorite movies. Its the tale of Rooster Cogburn, an aging marshal, who has the prediliction for the sauce, and Mattie Ross, a young lady with unbelievable moxie bent on revenge for the murder of her father. Together these two underdogs do what neither of them could do alone. Mattie, whose innocence demands justice but has not the experience nor the ability to attain it; and Rooster, whose life has provided him a vast well of experiences dealing with evil and injustice,  but scarred by the fight, prefers the bottle to the battle.  Mattie’s youth and vigor drives an old veteran to be a great man once again. It is a wonderful story, and it is the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw Sarah Palin standing on the stage today with our old naval pilot John McCain. This Annie Oakley like executive, who doesn’t know any better that you just don’t defeat a sitting governor in the primaries (a corrupt one to boot), and the legendary warrior who, for honor, spits in his captives face when offered an easy out. What a combo, one which I am thoroughly excited about.

In the film, Robert Duval played the villian, Ned Pepper He also just happens to be narrating the entire GOP convention next week.  Yes, its Ned Pepper bringing us the True Grit ticket. God I love it.

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Just Start Drilling, Please.

June 16th, 2008 · 1 Comment

My very favorite columnist, Charles Krauthammer, is advocating what I consider to be a monstrous idea. The government will guarantee at minimum $4 gas? Gee thanks! I’m certain when gas does drop again, those federal tax windfalls will end up in reducing our payroll taxes. Don’t hold your breadth on that one. Plus, even the brightest of schemes can’t outsmart the wisdom of decisions made by millions of us through the market.

The real problem is that the market has been handcuffed by absurd environmentalist’s notions of maintaining some sort of pristine natural environment, when never has it been man’s fate to do so. The first time a man decided to chop down tree or plant some crop, it was against the backdrop of his given environment which he had to use for his very survival. To prevent oil-producers from drilling in ANWR and the Dakota’s or building nuclear power plants simply because of some notion about not disturbing nature is completely absurd; especially when the environment is not being damaged in the first place. One gets the feeling that the average environmentalist would be most happy if we humans would just simply fade away. Which seemingly is also the wish of the trees in the M. Night Shyamalan’s latest movie, The Happening; where the trees have had enough are now killing the humans. (I wonder if Rush’s very silly song The Trees made it on the soundtrack?)

I’m reminded of Candide, who at the end of novella, after suffering every awful fate a man can face and subjected to every enlightened ideal, simply begs, “but let us cultivate our garden.” Yes, please, let us just use resources God has given us, oil, coal, nuclear, wind, whatever we can get our hands on; the rest is more complicated then we can devise schemes around. -dd

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Re-Re Back up again

June 15th, 2008 · No Comments

No sooner had we gotten the blog up, then it was brought back down by some virulent virus. But back up now, thanks to my tech-genius boss, whom I now owe two lunches too. Thanks Shawn! Now lets get some content going again.

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Is this mike on….?

May 23rd, 2008 · 2 Comments

smiley1.jpgFive months down and out, but we’re back today…Site is recovering from a crash, but I’ll have it ship-shape soon enough. With that said, its good to be back! -dd

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Friday Funny

December 7th, 2007 · 1 Comment

The weather is the worse today….but in Hawaii, well….


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Republican Candidates

December 7th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Primaries are getting closer and closer, so I thought I would give my first take on the Republican field as I see it currently. I have not decided whom I am voting for yet, but this is how rank the candidates currently, in order of preference:

Giuliani: If voting on the challenge of the Islamic-Fascism alone, this would be the man I would vote for. Tempered by the events of 9/11, he has the clarity and vision which is needed to engage in the protracted struggle which we face. He also has an honest in your face NYC style about him, which I like. However, on social issues he’s out of step with the base; anti-gun, pro-choice, and soft on illegal immigration is three strikes___but he’s not out. Still might have my vote on war issue alone.

McCain: By coming out hard for amnesty for illegal’s, he killed his front-runner status; a fact which many in the base will never forgive him for (including my dad). I however think he’s very strong on the war, recognizing early on that we needed a new strategy in Iraq, is a fiscal conservative, and is pro-life. Plus he can beat HRC, which several of these candidates I don’t believe can. He’s against tax reform, and he sponsored the disastrous McCain-Feingold act which with the amnesty bill makes him a tough pill to swallow. But its a pill I’m considering.

Thomson: Here’s the conservative candidate which the base really wants; Pro-life, Pro-border fence, Pro-Fair Tax, Pro-gun-rights, and understands the historic struggle we are in; to bad he as the energy of slug. Uninspiring and limp so far, he could win me back if he downed some Red Bulls and woke up.

Romney: It’s remarkable to me the Romney has positioned himself as a frontrunner from what I remember of him in his ignominious Senatorial race against Ted Kennedy in ‘94. In that race he fell all over himself trying to dissociate himself with Reagan/Bush years; Kennedy clobbered him. It was a duly unimpressive performance, and disheartening for us conservatives living is Massachusetts. I will say he has much improved as a candidate since then, but in my gut I can’t get rid of the lingering feeling that he’ll say whatever he needs to say to get elected.

Huckabee: Will not vote for this guy. He’s a tremendous speaker and very likeable, but looking at his record as governor he’s soft on crime, fiscally fat, and has puritanical tendencies (Nationwide ban on cigarette smoking….give me a break.) On top of that he has pro-illegal streak too and cant possibly beat Hillary. He’s getting a lift now from the evangelicals leaving Thomson, but when his record on crime gets out, look for the support to evaporate.

Tom Tancredo & Duncan Hunter: If he had a shot, I would vote for Duncan Hunter, he’s a good speaker, he’s right on all the issues, and he’s likable. But his campaign has gained no traction, so he and Tancredo are irrelevant at this point.

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Partition Day – November 29, 1947

November 30th, 2007 · 1 Comment

annapolis_summit_1129.jpgThe Annapolis Peace conference concluded this week with Israel and Fatah agreeing to re-commit the RoadMap for Peace. President Bush, Abbas, and Olmert made this statement:

“The final peace settlement will establish Palestine as a homeland for the Palestinian people just as Israel is the homeland for the Jewish people.”

If only the Palestinians Arabs wanted just their own homeland, and not the destruction of Israel, peace in the Middle East would have been achieved sixty years ago today, November 29, 1947, Partition Day. The Arabs rejected that offer out of hand, which was a particularly generous one considering the Palestinian Arabs where in effect allies of the Nazis, whereas the Jews were their victims.

In fact, as reported by policy group at the time “the Arab leaders often cooperated directly with the Axis,…Fascist and Nazi ideologies were not so much imitated as paralleled in the Arab world.”(Peters, 361) Indeed, the Grand Mufti besides issuing a fatwah against Britian in 1941, was also a willing participant in the Holocaust itself.

In 1940 the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem had requested from Hitler to acknowledge the Arab right “to settle the question of the Jewish element in Palestine and other Arab countries…along lines similar to those used to solve the Jewish question in Germany and Italy.” (Peters, 37) He went to Germany to plead this case exactly.


Hitler replied:

Germany stood for uncompromising war against the Jews. That naturally included active opposition to the Jewish national home in Palestine….Germany would furnish positive and practical aid to the Arabs involved in the same struggle….Germany’s objective [is]…solely the destruction of the Jewish element residing in the Arab sphere….In that hour the Mufti would be the most authoritative spokesman for the Arab world.

The Mufti thanked Hitler profusely.

So, being on the losing end of war, one would think that an offer of self-determination within a viable homeland would be jumped at by the Arabs. But no, it was refused, just as it again was in 2000 by the Grand Mufti’s nephew, Yasser Arafat. An offer which President Clinton, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar, and chief UN negotiator Dennis Ross all claimed was a crime against humanity to reject. Instead of peace, Arafat launched the murderous Second Intifada which took the lives of 1000 Isreali’s and 2000 Palestinians.

So here we are on the Road Map to Peace again. But still, to this day, neither Fatah nor Hamas have admitted to Israeli’s right to exist and have as their stated goal its destruction. In Gaza, where a Palestinian state already exists, rockets are fired daily at Israel. The unfortunate fact is, the Palestinians and their sponsors have no interest in peace, only the destruction of Israel. For Israel to midwife an expanded Palestinian state in the West Bank, the creation of which will be a radical enemy on its border, is a demonstration once again of the Israeli’s fervent desire for peace as well as their tremendous courage.

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Its Official, Global Warming is the Cause of Everything

November 30th, 2007 · 6 Comments

Dr. John Brignell at NumberWatch has thankfully documented everything that global warming has caused, which has running count of 600+ supposed consequences from this crisis. If you thought to you it seemed that every bad thing that happened in the world was caused by George Bush or Global Warming, or both, well you were right. Here’s the links:

A complete list of things caused by global warming

Agricultural land increase, Africa devastated, African aid threatened, Africa hit hardest, air pressure changes, Alaska reshaped, allergies increase, Alps melting, Amazon a desert, American dream end, amphibians breeding earlier (or not), ancient forests dramatically changed, animals head for the hills, Antarctic grass flourishes, anxiety, algal blooms, archaeological sites threatened, Arctic bogs melt, Arctic in bloom, Arctic lakes disappear, asthma, Atlantic less salty, Atlantic more salty, atmospheric defiance, atmospheric circulation modified, attack of the killer jellyfish, avalanches reduced, avalanches increased, bananas destroyed, bananas grow, beetle infestation, bet for $10,000, better beer, big melt faster, billion dollar research projects, billions of deaths, bird distributions change, bird visitors drop, birds return early, blackbirds stop singing, blizzards, blue mussels return, bluetongue, boredom, bridge collapse (Minneapolis), Britain Siberian, British gardens change, brothels struggle, bubonic plague, budget increases, Buddhist temple threatened, building collapse, building season extension, bushfires, business opportunities, business risks, butterflies move north, cancer deaths in England, cardiac arrest, caterpillar biomass shift, challenges and opportunities, childhood insomnia, Cholera, circumcision in decline, cirrus disappearance, civil unrest, cloud increase, cloud stripping, cockroach migration, cod go south, cold climate creatures survive, cold spells (Australia), computer models, conferences, coral bleaching, coral reefs dying, coral reefs grow, coral reefs shrink , cold spells, cost of trillions, cougar attacks, cremation to end, crime increase, crocodile sex, crumbling roads, buildings and sewage systems, cyclones (Australia), damages equivalent to $200 billion, Darfur, Dartford Warbler plague, death rate increase (US), Dengue hemorrhagic fever, dermatitis, desert advance, desert life threatened, desert retreat, destruction of the environment, diarrhoea, disappearance of coastal cities, diseases move north, Dolomites collapse, drought, drowning people, ducks and geese decline, dust bowl in the corn belt, early marriages, early spring, earlier pollen season, Earth biodiversity crisis, Earth dying, Earth even hotter, Earth light dimming, Earth lopsided, Earth melting, Earth morbid fever, Earth on fast track, Earth past point of no return, Earth slowing down, Earth spinning out of control, Earth spins faster, Earth to explode, earth upside down, Earth wobbling, earthquakes, El Niño intensification, erosion, emerging infections, encephalitis, equality threatened, Europe simultaneously baking and freezing, evolution accelerating, expansion of university climate groups, extinctions (human, civilisation, logic, Inuit, smallest butterfly, cod, ladybirds, bats, pandas, pikas, polar bears, pigmy possums, gorillas, koalas, walrus, whales, frogs, toads, turtles, orang-utan, elephants, tigers, plants, salmon, trout, wild flowers, woodlice, penguins, a million species, half of all animal and plant species, not polar bears, barrier reef, leaches), experts muzzled, extreme changes to California, fading fall foliage, famine, farmers go under, fashion disaster, fever,figurehead sacked, fir cone bonanza, fish catches drop, fish catches rise, fish stocks at risk, fish stocks decline, five million illnesses, flesh eating disease, flood patterns change, floods, floods of beaches and cities, Florida economic decline, food poisoning, food prices rise, food security threat (SA), footpath erosion, forest decline, forest expansion, frostbite, frosts, fungi fruitful, fungi invasion, games change, Garden of Eden wilts, genetic diversity decline, gene pools slashed, gingerbread houses collapse, glacial earthquakes, glacial retreat, glacial growth, glacier wrapped, global cooling, global dimming, glowing clouds, god melts, golf Masters wrecked, Gore omnipresence, grandstanding, grasslands wetter, Great Barrier Reef 95% dead, Great Lakes drop, greening of the North, Grey whales lose weight, Gulf Stream failure, habitat loss, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, harvest increase, harvest shrinkage, hay fever epidemic, hazardous waste sites breached, health of children harmed, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes (Australia), heat waves, hibernation ends too soon, hibernation ends too late, homeless 50 million, hornets, high court debates, human development faces unprecedented reversal, human fertility reduced, human health improvement, human health risk, hurricanes, hurricane reduction, hydropower problems, hyperthermia deaths, ice sheet growth, ice sheet shrinkage, illness and death, inclement weather, infrastructure failure (Canada), Inuit displacement, Inuit poisoned, Inuit suing, industry threatened, infectious diseases, inflation in China, insurance premium rises, invasion of cats, invasion of herons, invasion of midges, island disappears, islands sinking, itchier poison ivy, jellyfish explosion, Kew Gardens taxed, kitten boom, krill decline, lake and stream productivity decline, lake shrinking and growing, landslides, landslides of ice at 140 mph, lawsuits increase, lawsuit successful, lawyers’ income increased (surprise surprise!), lightning related insurance claims, little response in the atmosphere, lush growth in rain forests, Lyme disease, Malaria, malnutrition, mammoth dung melt, Maple syrup shortage, marine diseases, marine food chain decimated, marine dead zone, Meaching (end of the world), megacryometeors, Melanoma, methane emissions from plants, methane burps, melting permafrost, Middle Kingdom convulses, migration, migration difficult (birds), microbes to decompose soil carbon more rapidly, monkeys on the move, Mont Blanc grows, monuments imperiled, more bad air days, more research needed, mountain (Everest) shrinking, mountains break up, mountains taller, mortality lower, mudslides, National security implications, new islands, next ice age, Nile delta damaged, no effect in India, Northwest Passage opened, nuclear plants bloom, oaks move north, ocean acidification, ocean waves speed up, opera house to be destroyed, outdoor hockey threatened, oyster diseases, ozone loss, ozone repair slowed, ozone rise, Pacific dead zone, personal carbon rationing, pest outbreaks, pests increase, phenology shifts, plankton blooms, plankton destabilised, plankton loss, plant viruses, plants march north, polar bears aggressive, polar bears cannibalistic, polar bears drowning, polar bears starve, polar tours scrapped, porpoise astray, profits collapse, psychosocial disturbances, puffin decline, railroad tracks deformed, rainfall increase, rainfall reduction, rape wave, refugees, reindeer larger, release of ancient frozen viruses, resorts disappear, rice threatened, rice yields crash, riches, rift on Capitol Hill, rioting and nuclear war, rivers dry up, river flow impacted, rivers raised, roads wear out, rockfalls, rocky peaks crack apart, roof of the world a desert, Ross river disease, ruins ruined, salinity reduction, salinity increase, Salmonella, salmon stronger, satellites accelerate, school closures, sea level rise, sea level rise faster, seals mating more, sewer bills rise, sex change, sharks booming, sharks moving north, sheep shrink, shop closures, shrinking ponds, shrinking shrine, ski resorts threatened, slow death, smaller brains, smog, snowfall increase, snowfall heavy, snowfall reduction, societal collapse, songbirds change eating habits, sour grapes, space problem, spiders invade Scotland, squid population explosion, squirrels reproduce earlier, spectacular orchids, stormwater drains stressed, street crime to increase, suicide, taxes, tectonic plate movement, teenage drinking, terrorism, threat to peace, ticks move northward (Sweden), tides rise, tourism increase, trade barriers, trade winds weakened, tree beetle attacks, tree foliage increase (UK), tree growth slowed, trees could return to Antarctic, trees in trouble, trees less colourful, trees more colourful, trees lush, tropics expansion, tropopause raised, tsunamis, turtles crash, turtles lay earlier, UK Katrina, Vampire moths, Venice flooded, volcanic eruptions, walrus displaced, walrus pups orphaned, war, wars over water, wars threaten billions, water bills double, water supply unreliability, water scarcity (20% of increase), water stress, weather out of its mind, weather patterns awry, weeds, Western aid cancelled out, West Nile fever, whales move north, wheat yields crushed in Australia, white Christmas dream ends, wildfires, wind shift, wind reduced, wine – harm to Australian industry, wine industry damage (California), wine industry disaster (US), wine – more English, wine -German boon, wine – no more French , winters in Britain colder, wolves eat more moose, wolves eat less, workers laid off, World bankruptcy, World in crisis, World in flames, Yellow fever.

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Thanksgiving Eve Funny

November 21st, 2007 · No Comments


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The Goracle Laureate

October 15th, 2007 · 4 Comments

2218255541.jpgI suppose we should have seen this coming. Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize announcement should probably not have come as a surprise. But I still don’t see how he fits into the running for a “peace” prize. Let’s give him a huge benefit of the doubt and assume for a moment that his efforts to combat global warming have truly had some effect. I suppose we should also assume that global warming exists. But that discussion is for another day. So assuming all of that is true (for the sake of argument only), what causes of “peace” has his efforts actually furthered?

Anyway, this pretty much ends the debate of whether or not the Nobel Peace prize carries any credibility at all anymore. This is the same prize that was awarded to Gorbachev, but not Reagan for bringing an end to the Cold War. Never mind the more obvious awards that went to Arafat and Carter for that matter.

I’d love for one thing to come out of this, and that would be that all the hype and momentum of the award goes to Al’s head and he decides to run for the White House again. This would be a no doubt win for the GOP. Hillary is the only current democratic candidate who could lead a successful campaign all the way to the oval office. Gore’s entry would damage her. I don’t think he can win the nomination, but if he did, I have no doubt he would lose the general election. His last 4 or 5 years of wackiness and shrillness would come back to haunt him.

His value to the GOP would be in the primaries, where Hillary would be forced to spend more and work harder to beat Gore. A Gore candidacy would bring a wounded Hilary or an unelectable Gore to the general election. Both options would be good for the GOP.

It’s wishful thinking. My guess is Gore will stay on the sidelines, and enjoy life as a rock star, selling off his endorsement to the highest bidder.

A few quotes on the topic:

“It’s like waiting for Grateful Dead tickets to go on sale back in the day.”
— ERIC SCHILLER, a Moss Beach, Calif.-based activist with America for Gore, one of a coalition of 19 groups urging former Vice President Al Gore to enter the 2008 presidential race

“About the only way to top this would be to give the next Peace Prize to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. More likely the Nobel committee will, one of these days, simply pat itself on the back and give the award to . . . themselves.”
— STEVEN HAYWARD, American Enterprise Institute

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Reid Smears Evangelicals

October 11th, 2007 · 3 Comments

I myself am Catholic, but I know many evangelical Christians or “born again” Christians, and I can attest they range from incredibly kind and giving people to pompous and judgmental; much as you would expect from any cross-section of the population. But Harry Reid just smears all them with this odious comment.

 Harry Reid:

the Republican Party has been driven by evangelical Christians for 20 years. “They are the most anti-Christian people I can imagine, the people from the Christian far right.”

Harry, I can imagine a lot of anti-Christian people, starting with the fanatics which on a daily basis blow up crowded markets, torture, and decapitate people. Do you really believe Focus On The Family is the most anti-Christian you can imagine?

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Friday Funnies

October 5th, 2007 · 3 Comments


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