A Defense of the West

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Mark Steyn’s book is not only a must, must read, it’s also a hilarious read. Demographic gloom with wit and insight that only Steyn can deliver. This, along with the Looming Tower, are the two key books to understanding what we face as a nation.

Wright won a well-deserved Pulitzer prize this year for this well crafted and thoroughly researched book about the beginnings of the Qutb’ism, the formation of Al Quaida, and the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks. Wright takes you on a journey that you know ends horribly, but keeps you obsessively turning the pages in a hope to make sense out of the doom that’s coming.



Allan Bloom’s grand critique of the University and our nation’s loss of a classical education. It is a brilliant study which will inspire you to return the Great Books of Western civilization.



Chambers’ book is about his ultimate rejection of communism, yes; but its real power lies in the telling of one man’s road to redemption and the struggle of the human condition. It is a powerful and touching tale, which inspired none other then Ronald Reagan.



This is the book which offers hope to the Middle East and the West; a chance to transform the death culture by instituting democracy and the freedoms which flow from it. We must thoroughly defeat the Wahhabist first, but this is the blue-print which underpins are mission in Iraq.



WWIII has begun, and Lee Harris lays out the West’s strengths and weakness’s and under girds it with how philosophically we can get out of the multi-cultural relativistic straight jacket which limits the West’s defense.


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