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Von Hiddenburg debates the Marxist Professor

October 10th, 2008 · No Comments

The debate Tuesday was dreadful and depressing. Here our country is panicked and angry, and these two bores wandered around room with non-committal rhetoric, clueless that the country and the world are looking for a leader. Instead on one side of the stage we got a slick socialist, who promises to install social programs for everyone and to extract the wealth from our American kulak class, the small business owner; whom he plans to confiscate whatever wealth they have left after the market collapse. His wry smiles and soothing answers left me seriously creeped out; it was if he was Marxist professor lecturing his students with a nonchalant acceptance to the Hegelian turn of history. It was a smiling and chilly performance in the wake of a country which is seriously spooked.

And on the other side, a doddering modern-day von Hiddenburg, who like his predecessor, it seems that the day’s events have simply passed him by. His voice wavered as much as his thoughts, which seemed to be filled with an endless procession of “my friends”. Not since Bob Dole self-referred to himself as “Bob Dole” has there been such a glaring tick on the national stage. But aside from that distraction, this was passionless performance, never seizing the wide openings Senator Obama constantly left him and never coming to grips that sixty million Americans were watching the debate looking for a leader

Here’s what needed to be said at very start of the night by John McCain:

My Friends, (kidding)

Tom, I’m going to lay aside your question for a moment because there something that needs to be said to the American people which is more important then this debate. We are going through some economic perils right now, and although there were abuses and mistakes made by many on Wall Street, Main Street, and Capitol Street, we as Americans, not Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans will find our way back to prosperity. I do not know the complete solution. My opponent doesn’t know the complete solution. Chairman Bernanke and Secretary Paulson do not know the complete solution. But I know who does; the industrious mind of the American people. So together we will find our way through this, it is but a small divergence for the American dream.

Then, he could then explain how we got here (Freddie, Fannie, etc) and then address the people with his plan on getting us through these straits. McCain gave us some of this, but not nearly enough. Rather, he provided some angry rhetoric in the beginning about corporate greed which we all find appealing, some talk about earmarks, a very brief mention of FannieMae and FreddieMac and Barak’s role, and then his mind drifted off to sleep, (along with the audience). The only time you really saw the warhorse wake up was when he spoke about earmarks, which he talks about with glee. You would think there wasn’t two wars going on, a financial debacle, and rapid shift in the country towards socialsim. Not much to get passionate about I guess.

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