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War is Not the Answer, But let’s Stop the Genocide in Darfur

June 6th, 2007 · 2 Comments

War is Not the AnswerWolf Blitzer asked Bill Richardson a fundamental question at the Democratic debate yesterday which all the Democratic candidates should consider: What moral responsibility do we have to deal with a genocide scenario in the wake of a quick U.S. withdrawal?

GOV. RICHARDSON: “No residual forces. I would keep troops in Kuwait where they are not wanted. Our troops are a target. They’ve done a fantastic job.”

Not exactly hitting it out of the park. But Wolf reposed the question after this nondescript answer only to get this jewel:

GOV. RICHARDSON: I think there has to be pointed out a difference in our approach. Obviously genocide is something — in Darfur — you know I have been involved in that issue. I believe what we need to do there is stop this genocide. What don’t we care about –

MR. BLITZER: But what about Iraq, if it were, God forbid, to happen?

GOV. RICHARDSON: Well, obviously I would keep troops in Kuwait, where they are wanted. I would move them to Afghanistan to fight al Qaeda. But I believe that our troops have become a target. Our troops right now have done a magnificent job. And so what — the difference between all of us here is this: all of these resolutions, the funding supplemental, appropriation on funding on issues relating to timetables is not working because the president is vetoing.

Ok….but, Bill, what about an Iraq genocide? Still waiting for an answer.

So let me understand this correctly: if we’re in a country where genocide is a real possibility if we leave (see Cambodia circa 1975) , then we should leave immediately. But if we’re not in a country such as the Sudan, we should “stop this genocide,” which has no meaning without troop involvement. Or perhaps Richardson wants the U.N. to “stop this genocide.” Good luck with that, too.

Let’s face it, all those pacifists who have those “War is Not the Answer” bumper stickers on their cars have no interest at all in actually preventing mass murders, but rather only stopping the casualties from being splashed on their nightly news. I suppose they figure once the U.S. troops leave, so will the cameras, thus ending the war. Except, that is, for the upwards of 400,000 dead in Darfur, or the two million dead in Cambodia, or the Iraqi citizens who will face monumental violence if we withdrawal. The war will still be just as real for them, and from their perspective, the U.S. waging war just might be the only answer.

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  • 1 Bernie Dvorak // Jun 6, 2007 at 9:52 am

    Dave D,

    Good Blog.

    Bumper sticker suggestion:

    Check your history. It is the only thing that has always worked in the past

    Bernie D

  • 2 John Byrne // Jun 6, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    Darfur, its a tragedy of unimaginable proporations. Currently I am working with a SOS Childrens Villages, I encourage you to help the innocent chidren and families in this and other parts of our world by going to http://www.sos-usa.org.

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